Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Alvarion Vision stands as a distinguished consortium of proficient professionals excelling in the domain of electronic security surveillance. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our adept team of technicians and experts meticulously crafts systems that prioritize user-friendliness and seamless monitoring capabilities. Central to our ethos is the steadfast dedication to meeting the unique requirements of our esteemed clientele while adhering to budgetary constraints.

Guided by a management team and workforce steeped in technical acumen and intellectual prowess, Alvarion Vision offers a tailored approach to security solutions. Our diverse workforce, comprising specialists in technical, marketing, and manpower management spheres, ensures comprehensive support across various sectors.

Our clientele encompasses a spectrum of entities, including corporate enterprises, governmental bodies like UPRNN, non-profit institutions such as schools, and commercial establishments like hotels, real estate ventures, supermarkets, and entertainment venues.

Alvarion Vision operates in five segments:

Retail Segment - Our Retail Segment specializes in the distribution and sale of a wide array of surveillance and security devices, spanning CCTV, fire detection systems, parking management solutions, parametric security measures, intrusion detection systems, access control mechanisms, and video management systems.

Consultancy Segment – Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned technical professionals, the Consultancy Segment offers bespoke solutions tailored to each client's specific needs. Beginning with a thorough site assessment and client consultation, our team delivers meticulous plans and drawings encompassing CCTV deployment, visitor management protocols, parametric security measures, and parking management strategies.

Installation Segment - Focused on meticulous attention to detail, the Installation Segment orchestrates micro-level design processes encompassing wiring schematics, installation procedures, and ongoing monitoring for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients.

Service/after-sales servicing segment - Committed to fostering enduring client relationships, our Service Segment provides comprehensive surveillance and safety services along with proactive maintenance solutions. Whether servicing sites completed by our team or other installers, we offer prompt after-sales support and bespoke Annual Maintenance Contracts following thorough site surveys conducted by our technical experts.

Quality Control segment- At the helm of our operations, the Quality Control Segment upholds rigorous standards across all facets of our endeavors, ensuring adherence to uncompromising quality benchmarks throughout our service offerings.

In essence, Alvarion Vision epitomizes a holistic approach to electronic security surveillance, underpinned by professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.