Money, finance and security businesses are vulnerable to constant threats. Alvarion Vision understands the unique needs of these industries and offer reliable solutions that you can bank on. With Alvarion Vision – Smart Integrated Solution for Banking & Finance, you can boast your powerful and integrated functionalities.

Alvarion Vision Solution helps you to integrate multiple functionalities at single platform. From security to asset monitoring and from customer’s authentication to employee verification methodology, we have a powerful solution which provides answer to all your security related issues.


Digital Surveillance

Authentication of Employees & Customers

Secure Branch Premises

Branch Periphery Monitoring

Access Control


Alvarion Vision have a wide range of Cameras and DVR for round the clock surveillance. It can give you footage of every event happening in the bank premises as well as periphery around the branch. We can also set a command centre from where you can keep an eye on every scrupulous activity going all around.

The Solution of Alvarion Vision provides advanced analytics of Banking and its multiple facets like ATMs, Locker rooms, Lobby, Entry/Exit and Working area.

Alvarion Vision

Challenges for Digital Surveillance

No records available for before/after event

Unclear video footage

Back up of video for longer duration

Centralized feed of the monitoring system

Higher end Solutions – tough to manage

Solution of Digital Surveillance

High resolution cameras and DVR will ensure capturing of every event

Implementation of network video surveillance to avoid/detect potential threats

Centralized monitoring system for continuous video feeds

Cost effective solutions with easy management

Advanced Video Analytics


Alvarion Vision provides wide range of biometric authentication devices which is full proof and secure. We have wide range of USB biometric devices for customer as well as employee authentication. With 100% accuracy, you can manage the security and authenticity of employees and customers.

Challenges for Employee & Customer Authentication

Unreliable/Manual methodology for the authentication process

No data/record maintenance

Manual process for major operational activities

Solutions for Employee & Customer Authentication

Biometric and USB device for employee/customer authentication process

Records of every input into the devices

Digital data management with zero error


Alvarion Vision provides the solution for actual access needs for more secure and safe banking premises. The access control solution from Alvarion Vision does not allow any unwanted person to enter the restricted zone. You can also create category of employee who can access the restricted rooms/zones like locker rooms or control/command centres.

Challenges for Access Control

Unwanted access into restricted zones

Tough to manage customers at peak hours

Employee also breaches the NO ENTRY zone

Manual process to manage all

Solutions for Access Control

We can grant access to only verified persons in NO ENTRY zone

Can allow only a group of employee to enter the critical zone

Manage customers easily at peak hours

Automated process to manage all

Integrated alarm system for any emergency situation